Los Haitises National Park

Los Haitises National Park

Los Haitises National Park is perhaps the most important national park in the Dominican Republic. Has an area of 3600km of thick forest, mangrove forests, lush flora … A large proportion of the park is located in the municipality of Sabana de la Mar, Hato Mayor province and completed in the provinces of Monte Plata and Samana. “Haitises” means highlands or mountain lands, although the set of hills or mogotes have heights ranging between 40 and 380 meters.

These mogotes are loaded with vegetation on top and porous on the inside, so it is common to find numerous caves throughout the region. Some of these caves were converted in sacred temples by the native Tainos, as seen in the Cave of San Gabriel, La Linea or La Arena, where it is common to find pictographs of the pre-Columbian era.

In Los Haitises we can find two types of forests: the humid subtropical and the very humid subtropical. Beautiful species such as cedar, ceiba, mahogany, copey and hojancha grow on the mogotes and among them, rooted in a fertile soil in which sprout numerous species of orchids. All this practically virgin land houses some 700 unique plant species, which shelter animal species that live year round or during periods of migration.

The fauna of Los Haitises is unique in the amount of varied species living in it because of the diversity of its ecosystem. Being a coastal-marine park are mostly fishing birds which predominate (whether endemic, native or migratory): pelican, alcatraz, long-legged, parrot, owl, earwig, heron … It is common to see them resting in the branches of copey that open to receive them or fishing on the water. Although dominated by birds (about 230 species of birds are calculated) you can also enjoy other animals such as manatees, humpback whales, dolphins, rays, several species of sea turtles, colorful fish, crabs, boa and two endemic mammals: the hutia and solenodonte that joining the hawk Hispaniola ,also endemic, are in danger of extinction.

The environment is a unique setting in which mogotes and harbors are interleaved creating secret places only accessible by sea. We can enjoy them with our sailboat anchored virtually alone in the wild nature offered by this magical place.